As a recognized expert in vibration isolation technology, Meiriz Seiki Co.,Ltd is committed to providing optimal solution to customers' vibration problems.

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Our accumulated know-how and expertise have produced more than 600 types of passive vibration isolators, to date. There is also growing demand for our active vibration isolators, particularly in the ultra high precision manufacturing industry, such as semiconductors.

Introduce Custom-Made Items.

We can also provide a variety of accessories for vibration isolation systems like Air compressor, shelf, darkrooms, Fixing Plates for earthquake-resistance, etc.

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We have excellent proven records for electric physiology experiments.

Vibration-free tables is important in the wide range fields such as information telecommunication, energy etc..

The vibration isolation system support the measurement and weighing equipment in the industrial sector.

Measurement Instruments are the most fundamental tools in the industry field, and their importance can never be ignored.

Vibration Isolation System of MEIRITZ SEIKI in the field of nano-surface analysis has been active.

The vibration isolation technology that is utilized by an earthquake measures and disaster preparedness